Saturday, November 14, 2015

Attack on Paris by Islamic Soldiers. 

Why do people put immigration above safety? 

Progressive politicians will never change. They will always risk the lives and safety of their citizens for their ideological commitments.  

Some might start to wake up over the failed liberal immigration policies that are a threat to their safety and way of life. Others will just wonder why and never make the connection between historic Islam and these brutal acts of evil. 

Wage war against progressive immigration! Vote out those politicians.

I hear some people and even some friends saying that World War 3 has started. Unlike previous wars by invading armies, we are immigrating our war into our own lands.

People say that something big is going to have to happen for their to be change in Europe trajectory of Islamic hostility rising from their midst.  I this the big thing?
I know the liberal/progressive politicians will never change. They will always risk the lives and safety of their citizens for their ideological commitments. 

It was my warning in 2007, to not allow Islamic immigration to continue in the Country. Islam at its core does not teach or acknowledge "equal protection under the law."  

Traditional not Radical Islamic teaching

Islam is a like a "ladder."  
At the bottom of the ladder is the works of alms, helping the poor and community service.  At the top of the ladder is Jihad. That's the highest rung in the ladder for the Muslim.  

The establishment of the Muslim Mind:
If the Muslim accepts traditional Islamic teaching, and as the Muslim moves up the ladder the mind set becomes established to view people in different categories with unequal rights or privileges: There is the Muslim and then there is the Kufir, who has to submit or pay the tribute tax, the Jizrah.  

When I first started posting on this blog, that immigration must first and foremost be guided by the Constitutional responsibilities of our elected officials to protect their citizens. For some reason the notions that because we are a "nation of immigrants" means we should put immigration first above our other inalienable rights of life, liberty protection, safety. 

If anyone doubts the history of Islam, let us remind them how the birth of the U.S. Navy occurred.

My friend from the Netherlands talks about how "they're saying there is talk about putting boots on the ground in Syria."  America pulls out, and Russia moves in. Why didn't the Netherlands move in or Britain or France? Why is it always Americans who have to die for Europe's freedom?

Do you want to win WWIII, then wage war against progressive immigration!