Sunday, November 25, 2012

Unequal rights toward women and honor killings

Egypt is the religious center of the Islamic world; it has the oldest Islamic university in the world. "As Egypt goes, so goes the Middle East", stated Mary Anne Weaver in her pre 9/11 book (printed 1997), The Rise of Militant Islam".  As the center of Islamic religious thought and trends, women beating and assaults in Egypt are at epidemic levels, as Islamic power grows in that country.  But women, Christians and secularists are fighting back to have 1., their inalienable rights recognized  2., to have them protected by law and by force. 

As women call for equal rights and protection for their persons, Egyptian Muslim men are increasing their assaults on a daily basis. This is reminiscent of the white attacks upon African Americans during the Black Rights movement in the 1960s, in the U.S.

As more and more African Americans in the 60s, went out publicly to call for equal rights, white men became more and more violent against them, including police, and government officials.

Similarly, these attacks against women may be the violent death throes of the ancient Islamic male dominated culture--where Mohammed sanctioned slave rape and wife beating--as Islam faces overwhelming global forces to give women more rights in Egypt and throughout the Middle East.

Similarly, honor killings are a way of life in Egyptian culture:

"The judicial system in Egypt seems to always give weaker sentences to men accused of murdering a female family member, giving them the benefit of “preserving their honor.” Some cases end up receiving as little as two to three years in jail instead of life, due to the judge sympathizing with the man," Stated Manar Ammar of

This is a great source of information, photos and videos of the severe criminal problems facing Egyptian women by hordes of men assaulting women: crowds, police, government employees. It appears endemic to the Egyptian culture itself.


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