Friday, June 29, 2007

Sharia vs Inalienable Rights: As Far as The East is from the West.

Mohammed's Sharia law borrowed from Old and New Testament principles, but at the root of its system it violates the Ten Commandments, from which civil rights are derived; and hence, Sharia Law violates inalienable rights.

It is the solemn duty of our elected officials to uphold the Constitution and protect the citizens who are living here now, and ensure our future by weighing the threats that confront our nation.

Many elected officials have either never considered this, or are abandoning these principles, of which the swore to uphold, and trampling under foot one of our most cherished rights: "Freedom from Fear".

Those who profess any political, religious or ideological views that are antithetical to inalienable rights, will in time compromise the safety and security of the citizens within. The current immigration policy in the United States is creating a grave threat to our nation's future posterity.

Make no mistake, Islam is an expansionist, revolutionary ideology, with the goal to chip away at the nations until all men submit to Allah and his Prophet.


L. Garcia said...


Thank you for bringing this to light. I wish this critical subject would be more on the forefront of the immigration debate. Our leaders lack so much wisdom and foresight of what this country is going to become with growing number of muslims coming here and multiplying through birth. As they increase in number and get more legal priviledges such as the right to vote, how are we going to protect ourselves from their beliefs influencing our laws?!!Do we continue to allow these people to come into our country at our own peril?

Also, I like to mentioned the other non-muslims immigrants who although many of them come to grasp at an opportunity of a better life also have a sense of entitlement. Many of the illegal Mexicans say, "well, this was our country first" well, it is a good thing they didnt keep it otherwise it would be a third world country drenched in corruption.
They want the financial blessing this country has to offer but without knowledge and accountablility. Knowledge of how and why this country is what it is today. They have no understanding of the biblical wisdom that our founding fathers had and applied as they drafted our Constitution. By bringing all this people who have no understanding nor a desire or even the a chance to learn these truths of our American History (because of our secular education system that seeks to destroy any evidence of God workings in the founding of this nation), we are sabotaging ourselves. I guess I shouldnt be outraged. This is a case of the bling leading the bling but what can those few of us who can see do? We are not to be silent! Keep up the good work Proclaim the truth! and may God Amighty bless the remnant as we take a stand.

rj said...

Let me encourage you to put this wonderfully written comment into action. Write your Congressman! Write them all. Mass send it. Encourage others to write as well.

Here's a link to finding your U.S. Representative:

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