Friday, May 18, 2007

Terrorism, a Generation Growing

Blair has got that right. Terrorism, (i.e., imperialistic, orthodox Islam) has been a generation growing.

I just listened to an excellent interview with Tony Blair on NPR (a must listen). He recognizes the time required to battle the imperialistic vision of Islamic global domination will take much time:

"This terrorism has been a generation growing; it will take a generation to knock it out." Tony Blair

Saddam Hussein's regime was a Terrost State
No one doubted that Saddam was aggressively seeking to acquire WoMD. No one doubted that he would have posed a tremendous threat if had them.

Saddam's support for terrorism in Palestine--paying $20k-$30k per family for each suicide attacker--made certain that he had no reservations on exporting terrorism abroad. By definition, that support made Saddam Hussein's regime a terrorist state.

Not finding WoMD in Iraq was a good thing, the world is a safer place because they did not exist, and despite NOT finding WoMD in Iraq, the battle by others to acquire them goes on. In short, Saddam was one of many terrorist states/organizations that desire to have them. The Bush and Blair administrations should have hammered this point more persuasively for the last four years, as a policy stance.

What would the security concerns be now, if Saddam had developed WoMD? The world would be asking,
  • How much did he make?
  • Who else has access to WoMD ?
  • Would Saddam use WoMD ?
  • Would Saddam "launder" WoMD to others?
  • Is it possible that terrorists could get at Saddam's WoMD ?

It's shameful how many have capitalized on the Bush and Blair administrations for not finding Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. By weaking our resolve to secure democracy in Iraq, I sumbit they are making the world a less safer place, if they succeed in a pullout. Although it's nice to find a smoking gun to prove that your actions were justified. For world security purposes, it does not leave a lot of questions un-answered--questions that would have arisen if Saddam had developed them: How did he get them, what are his sources, who else is involved, who else could have them? It had always been a question of when Saddam would have acquired WoMD.

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