Thursday, May 3, 2007

Jizyah Tribute, and Islamic Persecution of Iraqi Christians

Look at how the Islamists are trying to "protect" the Christians from, I don't know who (Muslims maybe?), by making them pay the "jizyah" protection tax. Muslims are so very philanthropic to pass the hat around like that.
"Thousands of Christian families are being told to leave the country or convert to Islam or pay the jizyah (a tax traditionally imposed on non-Muslim men in Islamic states)..." [and] "Hundreds of Christians have been abducted and murdered and their churches have been destroyed as part of a detailed plan implemented by Muslim extremists..."

I was ordered to fight all men until they say, 'There is no god but Allah.'" Mohammed's farewell address, March 632 A.D.

Jisyah makes all men NOT equal
Jizyah is actually an ancient Islamic form of tribute levied against the conquered group by the conqueror. Modern Islamists have been making Eyptian Coptics pay the jizyah for decades in certain egyptian neighborhoods. The pretence used by the islamists is "protection". , To add insult to injury, jizyah is also an insult against any group the "tax" is levied upon, signifying that they are a conquered sub-group, with less protection than their Islamic neighbors--another infringement upon inalienable rights.

As the Islamists grow in power, the jizyah is now being levied upon non-muslims in Iraq. It's all a little bit of history repeating. Wake up America. Jihad is coming to a neighborhood near you, unless of course you demand from your congressman or woman the curtailment of Islamic immigration in the U.S.

Jizyah is currently being levied or emerging in the following countries: Egypt, Sudan, Israel, and Iraq.

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