Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hezbollah Sets Up Base in South America

In light of a growing concern for tighter control over our U.S. borders and national security, the concern seems even greater with the news that Hezbollah has established a base in South America. Historically, South America is a non-Muslim area of the world--with no historic ties to the land, or religion. But that doesn't stop Hezbollah from employing the same rhetoric of defense of ones country to invaders and sacrafice of martyrdom as seen in Lebannon.

It's the same old sounding marxist rhetoric the Islamists have adopted for their goal of Islamic Imperialism: Create an imaginary crisis, and then use it as a pretense for war.

But the pretense is the same in Paraguay as that used in Lebannon: to grow into a "state withing a state". They like to say that "you need us here to defend against the "aggresors" and "occupiers", when most people in their regions only want peace.

I see this article as a good reason why tighter security on our borders is necessary. It's also a great reason to draw closer with those bordering nations and root Hezbolla out, before they have any grounds (no pun intended) to claim they have an historic attachement to that land.

"'We are Muslims. I am Hezbollah.'Mustafa Khalil Meri, a Hezbollah militiaman in Paraguay, says the militant Islamist group would take violent revenge inside the United States if it were to attack Iran", reported MSNBC.
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