Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bennie Thompson vs. terrorism tipsters

A Letter to The U.S. House of Representatives

Dear [Representative's Name here]

The Washington Times is reporting today (05/15/07) that "if a House Democrat manages to kill a tipster-immunity measure under consideration in Congress this month, people who report suspicious behavior could be sued in civil court if the accused are not charged with a crime."

If this is true, our citizens will be unprotected. Therefore, I urge not to be a supporter of this bill. I also ask you to push the Department of Justice to prosecute these six imams, who are trying to shake down the U.S. Airways industry, chip away at our security, and intimidate our citizens with law suits.

If this bill becomes law, then the inalienable right of lawful self-defense, self-preservation, and security will be violated. If this bill becomes law, then our elected officials have abandoned us and trampled under foot one of our most cherished rights: "Freedom from Fear".

Is it NOT the solemn duty of our elected officials to uphold the Constitution and protect the people within its borders, and ensure the security of our future by weighing the threats that confront our nation?

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