Sunday, May 27, 2007

Al-Qaeda Torture Manual

“There is no doubt that Allah commanded us to strike the Kuffar (unbelievers), kill them, and fight them by all means necessary to achieve the goal.

The servants of Allah... are permitted to use any and all means necessary to strike the active unbeliever combatants for the purpose of killing them...

The goal must be pursued even if the means to accomplish it affect both the intended active fighters and unintended passive ones such as women, children and any other passive category specified by our jurisprudence.”

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Sunni terrorist known for decapitating the Kuffar (unbelievers)

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kyledeb said...

I left this post on IO RJ,

RJ is a regular commentor on IO, and it was only recently that I put his initials together with the blog he writes, Sharia vs. Inalienable Rights. I disagree with RJ on a lot of issues, but I appreciate the balance and questioning that he brings to Immigration Orange. RJ and I disagree without being disagreable. It's important to foster these sorts of exchanges in an online community that is infested with toxic hate.

The search for Truth is about more than getting your viewpoint across it's about deciding between what is fundamentally "right" and fundamentally "wrong" (right and wrong aren't the best words but I've used them to convey the meaning). That means in order to fight for the just causes we believe in, we have to attempt to be just in everything we do, from our everyday actions to the political stance we take. Am I saying that I am just? Of course not, I am a flawed individual, but I attempt to treat everyone with a fundamental level of respect. RJ does the same. Though we vehemently disagree on a lot of issues he is respectful and it is exchanges like this that we have to try and promote in a hate-filled online community.

Finally, on to the story that RJ has highlighted. RJ is pointing to this news source to suggest that Iraqis are being smuggled into the U.S. I'm not to sure of the credibility of the claims to be honest. I have been to the border, I have been assaulted by smugglers on the border, and while I do not claim to have a monopoly on information at the border I will say that for middle easterners to infiltrate Mexico and pay $20,000-$25,000 to get across is a very unlikely occurence. I don't know how they would get to Mexico in the first place, and it doesn't make much sense (it's a whole lot easier to cross the Canadian border). Assuming Iraqis are getting smuggled into the U.S. we have to ask ourselves the obvious question that always has to be asked with migration problems. What caused this in the first place.

For the first time in the last few years the refugee population has gone up and it is due almost exclusively to the rise in Iraqi refugees. There are two million refugees fleeing the violence in Iraq. This is the cause of migration and rather than scare people with news of Iraqis infilitrating the U.S. why don't people start asking the hard questions about what they're fleeing from.

The second the U.S. decided to invade Iraq unilateraly, the U.S. became responsible for the Iraqi people. The death of civilians, the faulty government, the lack of security, that all rests on the U.S.'s shoulders. Rather than conflate every Iraqi to be a possible terrorist threat, why don't people sit down and ask themselves why Iraqis, if this report is true, are forced to go to these lengths to infiltrate the U.S. The solution here, RJ, is not more border security, more militirazation, the solution is not to create more desperate people in a world that is full of them, and that is exactly what the U.S. did in Iraq. Whether we like Iraqis or not, whether we liked the war or not, we as U.S. citizens are now responsible for the Iraqi population, and I don't think it's right, I don't think it's true to conflate smuggling Iraqis with terrorism and more border security. Smuggling Iraqis means that the U.S. has made some bad decisions in the world and it's time to pay the price.