Tuesday, April 24, 2007

U.S. Policy on Immigration

I'm very troubled with a U.S. immigration policy which does not seem primarily concerned about the security of our citizens, the long term protection of inalienable rights, and our nation's long-term survival. The U.S. policy on immigration should limit the people who are granted access onto our shores to those peoples, cultures, and nations who are most likely to support and uphold inalienable rights and constitutional democracy, and curtail the immigration of those who hold views that are antithetical to inalienable rights, and wish to replace them with another set of values. The liberal view of "multiculturalism" is a guise to allow antithetical world-views into America in order to undermine its foundations.

I want Americans to be protected and safe.

A liberal immigration policy in Europe and low birth rate from Europeans has caused a problem where, in a generation or two, Europe could be Islamic, with minority groups who do not share the beliefs of Islam being subject to coercion, violence, discrimination, and persecution. America is heading down that road. In England, Islamists are telling Muslims to demand a "state within a state" like Lebanon. Jordan is now flooded with "Christian" refugees who are fleeing their homeland of Iraq because of the increased explicit targeting by Shiite and Sunni Muslims t0 persecute and kill Christians, and other minority religious groups . On the same score, thousands of "Christians" are leaving Lebanon to Northern Europe and America because the Muslims are so violent. I ask you,

Who wants too see America torn like Lebanon or as England is beginning to experience in 100 years? The writing is on the wall.

Where will people go if America falls and the globe is under control by militant Islam? Our elected officials need to be looking to the future now! They should be doing everything to protect and ensure the safety for the people who are already living here in the United States, and for the families, whose members--for generations--have built this country with their own hands.

Inalienable rights and Sharia Law are not compatible. The U.S. Constitution is built upon inalienable rights. Certain rights are given by God to man that can not be violated by the state. However, there are always a group of people in every society who are attracted to a type of ideology that breeds revolution and sedition. There are lots of angry people in the world, and they grab onto philosophies and religions that will seize the institutions delivered by God to man, to exact "justice" by force.

In the U.S. we have clean water, food at every street corner, electricity coming into our homes, phones that work, medical facilities, and free schools, and they are still angry and have an ax to grind, and they want to set things straight. Islam is an attractive solution to some because of its promotion in the use of force upon a society for socio-political change.

At the core of the problem of Islam and Inalienable Rights is the Islamic teaching that it is not how one ultimately lives ones life in Islam that guarantees paradise, but how one dies for Allah that counts. A Muslim is guaranteed paradise if he dies fighting against the infidel in Jihad (it is actually argued if a woman has the same guarantee under the same circumstances).

If the U.S. becomes Islamic, how can one have their fundamental inalienable rights protected by a state that does not recognize those rights, but holds to a core belief that finds favor with God by violating every one of those inalienable principles?

That's a fundamental difference between Christianity and Judaism, in matters of civil law. But in Egypt, Muslims are making Coptic Christians pay "protection money" in their neighborhoods; they are targeted for their wealth, killed, and plundered. And then their property and wealth are used to fund jihad. In Bethlehem, Muslims are seizing Christians of their property, and clerics and other Islamic organizations are sending letters to longstanding Churches and Christian groups that their community service is no longer needed, and that they need to stop or they can't guarantee "protection" for their persons and property. That violates inalieanable rights given by God in the Ten Commandments. We are to love our neighbor as ourselves, promote their well being, help secure their property. Sheiks for the last 30 years have been saying that "any one who opposes Islam should be put to death." They openly reject "give unto Caesar what is Caesars" because every aspect of life, your hair, your dress, are all dictated under Sharia. The history is too clear. Our elected officials have a solemn duty to protect the people who are already here first, who have built up this country, from a collective body of people who hold to a belief system that practices deceit, subterfuge, collusion, and a system that supports slavery and death in its reward system.


kyledeb said...

I wasn't able to find your contact info but I enjoy your blog and I was wondering if you would be interested in a link exchange with Immigration Orange. Email me at beausset at fas dot harvard dot edu if you're interested. I hope this comment finds you well.

rjohnson said...

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate you saying you enjoyed it. I think about this issue enough that I finally started to just jot my thoughts down somewhere. I hope it puts jolts some people out of their own "personal peace and affluence" into motivating them into action--action to write, pray, and talk to others about protecting our nation's future for our children's children.