Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Call for a Policy Change Limiting Immigration into the U.S.

Why do I call for limiting immigration, and point at Islam as an excellent example for a policy change in D.C.? If there is a big enough shift in the population in a few generations, then we will see inalienable rights no longer upheld, but if in name only, redeifined into something that no longer resembles those rights which are taught in the Ten Commandments, the Magna Carta, Lex Rex, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

I propose we develop a strenuous immigration policy that will no longer grant access into the U.S. those who profess any political and or religious views, or hold to ideologies that are anti-thetical to inalienable rights, and that will in time compromise the safety and security of the citizens within. Inalienable rights will be compromised if there is a big enough shift in the population in a few generations. At the very least, ever citizen who is granted U.S. Naturalization and are preparing for citizenship should be taught rigorously U.S. History, documents from the hands of our founding fathers, and Federick Bastiat's The Law. Therefore, it is the solemn duty of our elected official to protect and ensure the safety for the people who are already here-for those who have been here for generations and have given so much to America.

What would happen if the America that developed inalienable rights under God, and has fought and protected it for other nations, would become Islamic and nuclear?

Is it NOT the solumn duty of our elected officials to immigrate people here who will most likely vote for them? They swore to uphold the constiution and protect us here and now, and ensure our future by weighing the threats that contront our nation.

The Muslim population is growing large enough in England, notably in Birmingham, where groups are beginning to call for Muslims to create a "State within a state", like Lebanon. That's the nature of Islam: The revolution never ends. There is no peace until all submit. Then within their system--the same system that grants killing those who "oppose Islam"--will continue to kill one another until the "purest" form of Islam emerges. The blood letting will never end with this religion until the victor has forced his own Muslim brothers to submit to his version of the purest form of Islam.

Would we allow practicing Aztecs or Mayans into our country? The nature of Islam advances through the sword, baptises through the sword, and grants adherents entrance into paradise throw the sword.

"The gates of Paradise are under the shadows of the swords." Mohammed

There are forces at work to destroy it. Once they are here, they have their first amendment rights--given to them by the God who gives inalienable rights--to change anything by law. I’m not going to stop them from using their first amendment rights, but want to preserve the "good foundations" the pilgrims worked so arduously to lay, and laid their lives down in the process.

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