Thursday, April 19, 2007

6 Imams and my letter to Congress

Today I wrote to the congressman of my district. You can use it for your own, if you like.

Dear [Congressman],

Thank you for serving my district. I appreciate your vigilence for preserving our American Liberties intended by our Founding Fathers. I don't know who else to approach about the Imam's shake down of U.S. Airways. I haven't gotten very far with writing the US Dept of Justice or U.S. Airways.

We need to prosecute these six Imams who are trying to shake-down the US airline industry. They disturbed the peace, haulted commerce, created fear, and are attempting to use our laws to intimidate us into quite submission.

"Weather most Americans know it or not, the attack on our inalienable rights by the legal arm of the Islamists is just as much part of jihad as anything our armed forces face."

Our elected officials ask us to be "vigilant". Are our elected officials being vigilent to know where our enemy's beliefs originate?

Security of our airways is vital to our liberty and economic freedom. This is just another arm of the Islamists: weaken our defenses by using our laws against us.

We, the American people, know they are trying to destroy our ability to use reason, common sense, and self-preservation by suing U.S Airways and a private citizen.

CAIR is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, a known organization (with a violent past) that claim they have renounced using violence, but work along side those who have not. They instead are waging their own form of political jihad in Egypt. And this is one of CAIR's first volleys to Islamisize the U.S. through the legal system. They are trying to weaken our security by this new legal attack.

Legislators and policy makers in Egypt have made the ignorant mistake that the moderates are a much more attractive alternative to militant Islam. But the truth of the matter is "moderate" islamists",--although claiming to denounce violence, have not denounced deceit, collusion, and subterfuge. The Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and the militants are both working aggressively for the same goal: The islamisization of every society, with Sharia law as the goal.

Islam is a revolutionary, expansionist ideolgogy, that justifies deceit and violence as a means to an end. That's a hard pill to swallow, but we must look soberly at the past--and most importantly--at the present means by which Islamists use to achieve their goals.

Please continue to be a bastion of safety for us in the commercial air-space. Please help find a way to prosecute those six Imams who are trying to shake-down the US airline industry.

I will continue to write other congress people, but I consider you as both mine and my family's voice, who want you to represent us in the Halls of Congress for those who see a very uncertain future for our nation and our children's children. I pray, and hope, you will be amoung the other representatives who will take a very pro-active, constitutional stand with us who see through the attempts of those who try to use our laws againtst us: Sharia vs. Inalienable rights. Personal Sharia, that's one thing. But CAIR's ties with the Muslim Brotherhood is not about that. They are the legal arm of the Jihadist army.

Please let me know your views on this issue.


[Your Name Here]

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